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How we continue from here…

1) Review and contact.

Our customer support now reviews your submission. You will receive a friendly email from us when this process is done.

2) We list and advertise you.

Once you are accepted as an expert or service provider, you will gain access to the community and will be listed on the platform.

We are highly engaged in spreading the word that there is not innovation without sustainability. This benefits the community and the whole ecosystem. You are now part of this story.

3) Get found. Get booked.

Business clients use the platform for their projects. You get notified if they are interested in your service. A small service fee applies if you are linked to a client. This fee allows the platform to grow – and for you to use the advantage of the community and increasing visibility.

4) Grow together.

On our community platform, you can engage with your peers and even work together on business challenges. With an increasing community, we can combine your service with others and offer joint projects with mutual benefits for everyone involved – clients and partners.

You took the first step for being part of something new and amazing.

We are happy to have you.

If you want to check the processes on the platform, our privacy policy or terms and conditions, click here.

And if you still have questions, contact us.