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Fabian Feutlinske Cobiom CEO

“B2B business is about to be disrupted by digital business models, policy changes and customer demands for more sustainable solutions. Innovation has to be sustainable or it will not be effective for long. Companies who don’t hear this call will soon be gone.”


| Dr. Fabian Feutlinske

| Founder of Cobiom and the Biomimicry Academy 

The Cobiom platform

Rethink business, rethink innovation, rethink success together.

We turn the Sustainability Business Transformation into a business case – based on our international community that assesses, innovates, implements and performs as a swarm of professional change makers. 

Cobiom Symbiosis

At Cobiom, we build an automated process powered by crowd-intelligence that leads companies through the transition into sustainable businesses: From assessment through innovation to implementation of new ways to build and sell their products. Our proposition is to make the complete value chain more effective, resilient and adaptive by exchanging materials and processes by cyclic, sustainable alternatives. 

Easy access to suppliers of innovative and sustainable business solutions, consultancy services, networking opportunities and co-creation events shape the business of tomorrow by starting today. If you want to know more, download the Cobiom whitepaper.

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The Cobiom community

Open Innovation: Crowdsourcing and swarm intelligence

The Cobiom community uses synergies that increase the use of meaningful, sustainable and responsible B2B solutions. Based on a strong network and a large database of suppliers, we drive the biological transformation in Germany and Europe by making sustainability an integral argument for economic success.

Collective intelligence emerges from the collective efforts of many individuals working to achieve a common goal. The combination of individual contributions leads to completely unpredictable results and thus true innovation. Cobiom offers access to top class minds in business, scientific research, consulting, engineering, creativity and many more. The crowdsourcing process is facilitated and contributions are edited by both the platform and the client. This mentoring ensures the highest quality while giving space to undirected innovation balanced with the necessary goal-orientation. Cobiom uses cutting-edge innovation management software and incentivises idea sharing by a participation model in the created revenue.

The community is built up by a selection process from subscriptions of a global innovator and expert pool. It is constantly curated for spirit and engagement, and optimised for excellence. Clients can tap into the wisdom of the crowd as part of a project or by subscribing with a membership fee. Data protection and Intellectual Property are considered to be of the highest importance and guaranteed by Cobiom and strict, universal non-disclosure agreements.

Your Project Management Office

Sustainability consultancy as a service on demand.

You as a client need to be able to trust that you are provided with the service and quality you require. At Cobiom you don’t book companies, you book services. This ensures that you get the services you need when you need them. 

You choose them, a provider from our extensive network delivers, we manage project partners and make you succeed. This way, you can trust the process: You are not stuck with one agency or end up with insufficient performance because we provide the structure, tools, agility and quality guarantee for a whole portfolio of possible solutions.

Cobiom Airbus Bionik

Cobiom offers workshops and other formats to define challenges, ideate and innovate: Design Thinking workshops, Hybrid Thinking sessions, full Design Sprints or Hackathons.

Book them on demand, assemble them into a transformation programme, or train yourself at our Academy. And if you want to venture off the beaten paths, our community offers digital Open Innovation with the best minds in the field.


Your personal transformation programme

Easily accessible. Fully customisable. Profitable. Sustainable by default.

Change is inevitable. As the conditions of market and society, the political environment and climatic conditions change constantly, companies need to adapt; or better: pre-adapt, i.e. leverage the gains from successful times to prepare for the changes ahead. These preparations require product and service innovation as well as personal development of co-workers and organisational change. Done in the right way, the amendments can fuel constant growth and development.

To get the most value out of the Cobiom ecosystem, single services are combined to form a complete transformation programme for the client company:


      1. Assessment: “Where are you in your transformation?”
      2. Innovation: “Where do you want to go?”
      3. Implementation: “How do we get there?”
      4. Performance: “Now make it work!”


The modules as well as the containing services are fully customisable by the client. It is operated and managed by a personal Cobiom manager, who is responsible for communication, organisation and quality control.

A Strong Partnership for Change

Dr. Fabian Feutlinske
Founder, CEO, Consultant

Fabian Feutlinske Cobiom

Business Ecosystem Designer | Neurobiologist | Biomimic | Design Thinker | Entrepreneur | Nature Enthusiast | Father | World Citizen
Co-founder, COO, Network Lead

Paul Hoffmann Cobiom

Communication specialist | Bioengineer | Psycology Specialist | Coach | Consultant | Educator | Nature Enthusiast | Father
Ecosystem Development Lead

Renzo D'Andrea Cobiom

User researcher | Coach & Facilitator | Strategy Developer | Blockchain | Open Innovation | Basketball Athlete | Whole Food Plant based diet

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Value creation through the community

We believe in cooperation, and value creation for business, people and planet. This is what our team and network is constantly working on. Nature teaches us how we use synergies in mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships. On the Cobiom platform, providers and experts don’t compete but cooperate to solve challenges and provide their services to clients and peers. We achieve this by incentivising collaboration on our crowdsourcing platform; and we facilitate services as packages that values performance by the whole team not by single players.

We assure a cooperative atmosphere, IP protection, value sharing and the highest quality standards. Become part of the community now and benefit from the synergies from the first minute.