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“B2C business is about to be disrupted by digital business models and customer demands for more sustainable solutions. Companies who don’t hear this call will soon be gone.

B2B business will follow throughout the next decade. Only innovation guarantees economic survival. But innovation has to be sustainable, otherwise it is the same old in new shoes.


| Dr. Fabian Feutlinske

| Founder of Cobiom and the Biomimicry Academy 

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The Cobiom marketplace and community will increase the use of meaningful B2B solutions of the bioeconomy in business to push the biological transformation in Germany and Europe by making sustainability an integral argument for economic success.

We believe in cooperation, and value creation for business, people and planet. This us what our team and network is contantly working on.

Easy access to suppliers of innovative and sustainable business solutions, consultancy services, networking opportunities and co-creation events shape the business of tomorrow by starting today.

Cobiom Symbiosis

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The Cobiom Marketplace

The Cobiom marketplace grows to provide you with information and suppliers of products, services and materials in

  • Bioeconomy & EcoDesign
  • Circular Economy & Biomimicry
  • Renewable Energy & Biomaterials
  • Sustainable Business & Engineering
  • Community & Cocreation
  • Sustainability Auditing & Certification

…and there is much more to come:

  • Highest quality and sustainability criteria through both, expert and peer control
  • Exponential growth of services through the community of partners from business, engineering and technology

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Case Studies and Events

Learn from the case studies in sustainabile business and bioinspired engineering. Use them as a business blueprint you can emulate with our providers.

Use the power of the crowd life!

Our Hackathons bring together the public, experts from the platform and corporate professionals to solve challenges of your company:

With Design Thinking from idea through concept to prototype and business model. 

The life events ignite the spark that the marketplace turns into a blaze.

Contact us to learn which events come up next close to you.

Cobiom Airbus Bionik

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Together we can achieve more than anyone can achieve on their own.

The Cobiom platform delivers you as a corporate client not only one selection but the best combination of providers for your given project. This way you can build whole value chains and use the full economic potential of bioeconomy business solutions:

  • Book a pre-assembled team to providers to use synergies.
  • Learn from your peers in other businesses and sectors in facilitated networks

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Value creation through the community

We aim to form a community of ALL providers and businesses in the sustainability and bioinspired business world!

  • Build cooperation networks  with other players on the market.
  • Cooperate with other providers in the safe space of the marketplace
  • Keep your Intellectual Property safe in our patent-like blockchain.
  • Earn through the platform Token at every transaction on the marketplace.

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A Strong Partnership for Change

Fabian Feutlinske Cobiom

Dr. Fabian


Founder, Director, Consultant

Business Ecosystem Designer | Neurobiologist | Biomimic | Design Thinker | Entrepreneur | Nature Enthusiast | Father | Responsible World Traveller

Paul Hoffmann Cobiom



Head of Communication & Collaboration

Communication specialist | Bioengineer | Psycology Specialist | Coach | Consultant | Educator | Nature Enthusiast | Father

Renzo D'Andrea Cobiom



Service Designer, Technical Advisor, Event Manager

User researcher | Coach & Facilitator | Strategy Developer | Blockchain | Open Innovation | Basketball Athlete | Whole Food Plant based diet